Posted on | April 27, 2010

MusiDash is the perfect travel companion for music lovers. Its amazing graphics mimic a car dashboard while the app’s easy navigation lets users access their music library for favorite cruising tunes. Change displays, shuffle albums or keep track of the time, your battery level and cell signal – it’s all here in MusiDash. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

You know how hard it is to call up music from your iPod library while you’re driving. The buttons are so small, it’s nearly impossible to read them without causing an accident while behind the wheel. If only someone would develop an app with large, readable buttons that would make it easy to find your favorite music while in the car! Well, MusiDash has done just that.

MusiDash is a multi-utility app that works for your car or home. The MusiDash application has awesome graphics that look just like a car’s analogue clock with sub dials. This little beauty is going to fit right in with your dashboard, whether you go with a portrait or landscape layout. You can even change the backlight color to match your car’s interior or let MusiDash handle the lighting by switching between daytime and nighttime modes automatically.

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