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Who will mind the appstore? Carriers, OEMs, or software platforms?

Posted on | February 15, 2010 | No Comments

Will Apple’s popular iTunes app store get some real competition? It looks that way.

“A group of mobile phone operators launched Monday an alliance to build a single platform for the hugely popular applications that allow users to play games and read news on their handsets.”

Mobile firms unite to offer single apps platform

What will the future bring? There are a few choices:

1) Carriers (e.g. AT&T)
2) Mobile platforms (e.g. Google, RIM and Apple)
3) Device makers (e.g. LG, Motorola, etc)

This will probably depend on how successful the carrier stores are with consumers, the ease-of-development of carrier platforms, and economics (developers will go where the dollars are eventually).

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